Michael Chang

Michael Chang

Michael Chang graduated with a bachelor's degree in Design | Media Arts in 2005. Before graduating, he worked as an intern at Maxis with Will Wright, prototyping video-game interfaces for Spore.

After graduating, he moved on to work at Motion Theory along with fellow alumnus Josh Nimoy, Gabe Dunne, and Matt Motal on creating procedural animation for several Nike Golf commercial spots. Through his work, he's contributed to the Processing development environment, such as the Candy SVG Library.

Between 2006 and 2007, Michael had worked on numerous freelance jobs including interface prototypes for Protohaus, which dealt with clients such as Microsoft, Apple, Disney, and Nokia, and Mental Images. At Protohaus, Michael independently designed the Fidg't visualizer which allows new insights into personal and social network data.

In 2007, Michael joined the Design Innovation Team at Yahoo! San Francisco where he participated with alumni Aaron Koblin, under the direction of Joy Mountford, in creating data visualizations and experimental user interfaces that dealt with touch-screens and zoomable interfaces.

He is currently living in Shanghai assuming the role of creative director at Protohaus in their new Shanghai office 原型工厂 (Prototype Factory), while simultaneously working on an independent computer game and an acid jazz music album.