PeopleAlumnx (MFA), Class of 2010

Antal Ruhl

Antal Ruhl (1983) was born in the Netherlands. He started out as a product designer (he received a BSc degree at the The Hague University of applied sciences). Antal worked in studios in Barcelona and Amsterdam and in 2007 he started the MSc program Media Technology. Antal’s work is mostly focused on the intersection of art and science and is directed towards public spaces.

The interactive character of the work triggers specific individual responses and investigates group-behavior. The research aspect of Antal’s work adds another stage after the work is finished. The collected data or observed behavior can be used to generate better understandings of groups, individuals or their environment.

Antal exhibited work at the V2, platform of unstable media, gallery in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and theater Zeebelt in The Hague (the Netherlands).