Graduate Profiles

Tuangkamol Thongborisute

Class of 2018

Tuangkamol Thongborisute (Tuang, b. 1991, Bangkok) is a new-media artist and art tutor. She is interested in human behavior, emotion, and social relationships through technology interaction. Her works always have a playful quality that allow her audiences to explore surrounding matters, their inner self, and their relationships with others. She received her BFA from Sikpakorn University in 2014. Tuang recently organized a joint residency program for new-media art students at two institutions: UCLA and Silpakorn, in August 2017 called, DMA-PSG Seminar and Workshop Program. Her interactive works express joyfulness, rhetorical questions, and friendly sarcasm about social media users, self-interpretation, online-dating, Internet, pop-culture, and group’s interactions. At UCLA, she has experience in teaching video, virtual reality, and interactivity classes. She is also working as a graduate student researcher in the DMA’s fabrication lab to facilitate machinery and electronics.