Tell them nothing of the things I thought about and created while I was sleeping

2011 Design Media Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition
  • Opening Reception
  • May 12, 5:00pm
  • New Wight Gallery
  • Broad Art Center

Mattia Casalegno

RBSC.1: the Departure is the first iteration in a series of sculptures and installations inspired by the enzyme RuBisCo, the most abundant protein on earth, and its peculiar reactions to both oxygen and carbon dioxide. The title suggests a fictional mythological and futuristic journey underlined by the objects and the diverse materials: oil, flour, Caprolactone, water.

At the crossing point of video-art, new media art and generative design, Mattia Casalegno work moves from the necessity to explore relations and interconnections between musical and visual languages. His aesthetics are driven by research in the relationships between the fields of information (in-forms, to give form), biology (bio-logos, discourse on living) and ecology (in the Batesonian term), pointing on the centrality of code as tools and metaphor of his aesthetic.