Tell them nothing of the things I thought about and created while I was sleeping

2011 Design Media Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition
  • Opening Reception
  • May 12, 5:00pm
  • New Wight Gallery
  • Broad Art Center

Jonathan Cecil

The videos Los Angeles Speak, Los Angeles Walk, and Los Angeles Fly investigate how digital processes applied to aerial photography of the urban landscape can function as both interpreters of representation and as perceptive entities. Los Angeles Speak and Los Angeles Walk catalog pictures of faces and bodies identified by image recognition software, while Los Angeles Fly uses generative algorithms applied to overhead aerial photography to reconfigure the Los Angeles basin as a landscape of fractured masses.

Jonathan Cecil is a visual artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. He received a BA in Studio Art from University of California Santa Barbara. Jonathan's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums including Donna Beam Gallery at University of Nevada Las Vegas and Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum. His work is in public collections including The Getty Center.