Tell them nothing of the things I thought about and created while I was sleeping

2011 Design Media Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition
  • Opening Reception
  • May 12, 5:00pm
  • New Wight Gallery
  • Broad Art Center

David Wicks

Drawing Water is a constructed landscape shaped by the relationship between where water falls and where it’s consumed within the United States. It builds images to expose the reality that water is channeled, pumped, and siphoned to locations far from where it falls. Although the paths are imagined, Drawing Water is based on real data and it reveals a clear truth about water resources and use.

David Wicks is an artist, designer, and software developer. His work explores landscape and information systems in the development of drawings, maps, animations, and interactive spaces. David earned his BA in Architecture from Miami University and is completing his MFA in Design Media Arts at UCLA.