Melissanthi Saliba

Title of work

Moments of Liminal Space

Work description

The waiting room of a train station is a space lost in time where I go to observe strangers. The waiting body becomes the threshold between the everyday experience of public spaces and the unexplored territory of subjective motional states and gestures. “Moments of Liminal Space” is an installation of rhizomatic portraits composed of video, prints and writing. The waiting body, withdrawn from its everyday functional state, reveals the microgeography of the space that surrounds it. The project brings into attention the purposeless forgotten gestures of waiting, addressing their need for representation. “Moments of Liminal Space” suggest a subjective tracing and mapping of different ways by which individuals move in space.


Melissanthi Saliba is a media artist and theorist exploring cultural phenomena and practices in urban environments. Interested in the idea of psychogeography and human flows, she focuses on the documentation of open-air cultural practices and public spaces. Exploring video as her platform, she has been involved in experimental theatre performances that integrate multiple media forms. Melissanthi holds a Bachelor of Science in Cultural Studies and Communication.