Gautam Rangan

Title of work

Durga Vuelta

Work description

This installation retells the story of Durga Mahishasura Mardini, a Hindu goddess created to defeat a bull-demon, as animations projected onto three wooden disks. Each disk is a projection surface and interface; the viewer navigates the story by turning the disk. Part of the story is painted on the disk, and the rest is revealed through changing projected images.


Gautam Rangan has a BA in Art History and Biology from UC Berkeley. He has created animations for eleven different professors at UC Berkeley, the Discovery Science channel, and the Connecticut Science Center. In 2008 Gautam worked on a series of games for Parkinson's therapy with the UC San Francisco Baker Center for Wellness. Last year, his collaborative interactive installation “One” was shown around the world including the “Biologic” art gallery in SIGGRAPH 2009 and the University of Edinburgh's Inspace gallery.