UCLA Media Arts
MFA Fall Exhibition 2014

October 23-31, 2014

Hours: 10AM - 5PM

Opening October 23, 2014, 5-8 PM

New Wight Gallery

Broad Art Center

240 Charles E Young Drive North

Admission is Free

Parking in Lot 3 for $12

Further Information at 310.825.9007

John Brumley


Held in tactile limbo
on negative retinal fields
and gentle flesh to case logics
reciprocal contact or
relativistic jet tethers

multi FB friend else tweet lit.;
may dyson airblade exp.;
may Yosemite beta: may BG emb.;
fellow me benign;
aud. cid comme oeuvre


Jane Chang Mi

Le Goût de la Pureté

Jane Chang Mi creates art that breaks through the constructs of our societal conditioning. Exploration and cross-cultural engagement are crucial in the creation of her work. She considers the tensions between culturally specific symbols and those that are generic and part of our popular culture.


Camella Daeun Kim

Letters and written language are accepted under social agreements to improve communication with others. However, these tools can also be the source of miscommunication. By using text as the primary medium, this auditory/textile installation also admits such limitations of written language, and combines linguistic and visual tropes.


Aliah Magdalena Dark

I'm So Glad You Came

A.M. Dark is an interactive media artist with a particular focus on expressing social issues and under-represented perspectives. Through games and other media, her work challenges us to publicly confront our private perceptions of race, beauty, class and gender.


Julieta Gil

Julieta will be showing a site specific installation that reframes an existing architectural element of the New Wight Gallery. Reframing sugests us to look again, or to look at something in different terms.

Julieta's interests lie at the intersection between media art and architecture through the negotiation of technology. By researching material behavior, digital fabrication and electronics, she repurposes architectural elements and questions our understanding of the built reality.


Miguel Nobrega

Miguel Nobrega’s work explores through parametric rules to generate visualizations and representations, connecting digital and physical environments. His most recent work appropriates common random systems such as the lottery and plays with people’s idea of skepticism and superstition, revealing an intrinsic overlap.


Kate Parsons

Using video, analog glitch techniques, hand drawings and Processing, Parsons explores the meaning of gender politics, love, and loss through the subjects of ritual, mourning, and memory. Set in cemeteries around Los Angeles, the video and prints for Iteration 1 reference such diverse movements as glitch, psychogeography, surrealism and the Czech new wave.


Saakshita Prabhakar

An installation that incorporates a combination of intrinsic properties of materials and digitally generated visuals, in an attempt to create an environment that emulates the experience of staring into infinite space, giving people the option of finding a personalized way of observing and interpreting it.

Saakshita is currently pursuing her MFA at UCLA in Design Media Arts. Her varied interest in typography, augmented reality, data visualization, new media led her on the path of media arts. By nature people are multi-sensory creatures and through her work, she wants to exploit this intuitive nature of human interaction.


Alex Rickett

Alex Rickett makes robotic sculpture and video games as a histrionic expression of shame and self flagellation.


Daniel Schwarz

Daniel Schwarz presents two new works addressing on firearm homicides in Los Angeles County and the US prison system at large.

His works explore and transform different modes of representation with a strong focus on digital technologies, widely-used online services and their impact on society. This manifests itself in a multifaceted output of installations, live performances, short films, mobile applications and websites. He performed and exhibited worldwide including Sónar Festival, the 70th Venice Film Festival, Moscow's Museum Night, Node 13, Mapping Festival, WRO Biennale Wroclaw, FILE Festival, roBOt Festival, Fach & Asendorf Gallery and km temporaer among many others.