iotaCenter Salon

Experimental Works of Abstract Film and Video hosted by DMA Graduate Students

May 6, 2010, 7:30 pm   » 

The theme for this iotaSalon is THE CITY. We will be investigating the way urban environments are depicted in abstract and experimental works. How does construction influence image creation? How does the urban environment surrounding an artist inform or invade their work? How does the process of abstraction change our view of the city? How have architectural tools and thinking affected abstract and experimental moving images?

Currently, the schedule includes

Screening on 16mm as part of the historic film segment:
Sausage City (1974) - Adam Beckett
Diagram Film (1978) - Paul Glabicki
Commuter (1981) - Mike Patterson

Screening on video for the contemporary segment:
Giant Steps (2001) - Michal Levy
Communicate (2009) - Erick Oh
Berlin Skin (2007) - Kim Collmer

iotaCenter’s mission is to inspire both new and existing artists in a historically dispersed and constantly changing technological environment. One of the ways we do this is by foregrounding historically underrepresented experimental films and videos. We believe that the end of one work’s life cycle can inspire the beginning of another. iotaCenter is continuing its long tradition of informal artist gatherings, which we call iotaSalons. In the salons, artists and filmmakers and those interested in new and old experimental work get together to watch and discuss new experimental works alongside some classics.

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