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Activist Poster Exhibition

December 3, 2009, 9:00 am   » 

Since Fall 2005 (right after Hurricane Katrina) starting with Media + Medicine / Environment + the MInd, a poster for a discussion on mental health in New Orleans, Lucas Has been involved in designing material for the UCLA Art|Sci Center and the UCLA Art|Global Health Center. This exhibition presents a selection and overview of posters by Lucas and his student assistants: Wayne Fan, Tiffany Huang and Everett Pelayo. Inspired by the vernacular of the newspaper and 'activist design methods' like silk screening and the use of Xerox copy machines, these posters were made under pressure of a very short deadline and 'no budget.'

Willem Henri Lucas is Professor and Chair of the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts. Exhibition opens December 3, 2009 and runs through January 22, 2010.

California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)
570 Westwood Plaza
Building 114
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1456
Parking is $12 all day, and is available near CNSI in structure 9, adjacent to the building. For more information, call 1.310.206.0686.