Cultures and Globalization: Conflict and Tensions

Launch Symposium

April 18, 2007, 10:30 am   » 

Cultures and Globalization is a new book series that highlights contemporary cultural changes and their implications and aims to encourage debate about the relationship between culture and globalization. Each volume also includes an innovative presentation of indicator suites on cultures and globalization. The inaugural theme in 2007 will be Conflicts and Tensions.

Organized by the UCLA School of Arts and Architecture, the UCLA School of Public Affairs, and the Center for Civil Society, this symposium brings together scholars from different disciplines to address culture in a globalizing world. The morning panel will address the role of the U.S. in cultural globalization and its effect on domestic and international conflict, while the afternoon panel will discuss comparative perspectives.

The event will also feature information graphics from the book designed by Willem Henri Lucas.

10:30 am
Welcome, by Tim Rice, Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs for the School of the Arts and Architecture and by William Parent, Associate Dean for Advancement, School of Public Affairs

10:40 am
Introduction to the Symposium, by Helmut Anheier

10:45 am
Culture in a Globalizing World: Conflicts and Tensions, by Helmut Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj Isar

11:30 am
Panel 1: Cultural Globalization: The United States
Chair: Raj Isar, AUP

What is the role of the United States in cultural globalization, and how does this role affect conflicts and tensions, both domestically and internationally?

- Michael Mann (UCLA), on globalization and the US as the 'incoherent empire'
- Ronnie Lipschutz (UCSC), on the 'churn' of US capitalism and its implications
- Richard Appelbaum (UCSB), global governance and the United States
- Nathan Gardels (LA Times), on globalization processes and American politics


1:15 pm
Panel 2: Cultural Globalization: Comparative Perspectives
Chair, Christopher Waterman (Dean, UCLA School of Arts and Architecture)

- Yunxiang Yan (UCLA), on China and cultural globalization
- Leo Estrada (UCLA), on migration and cultural globalization
- Brian Min and Andreas Wimmer (UCLA), a long-term, comparative look at war and conflict patterns
- Michael Intriligator (UCLA), on security issues and the 'war on terror'

Closing Comments
Announcement of the Torang Jahan Fellowship
Barbara J. Nelson (Dean, UCLA School of Public Affairs)


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