Ken Fields

Soundscapes Lecture Series

January 30, 2006, 6:00 pm   » 

Department of Design | Media Arts presents:

Global Experimental SOUNDSCAPES Now

Sound is everywhere, Noise is everywhere, Music is here and there...
Experimental Soundscapes bridge these worlds and connect worldwide via
online networks, cell phones, sensors and even image. Global Experimental
SOUNDSCAPES Now takes a broad survey of the experimental sound art around
the globe presented by sound artists Cindy Bernard (Los Angeles scene);
David Cotner (USA scene); Ken Fields (China / Asia scene); Goran Vejvoda
(France / Europe scene) and Jorge Verdin (Mexico scene). In addition to
overviews of world scenes, sound artist pioneer Bill Fontana and Amy Knoles,
director of the California E.A.R. unit will present their work.

Kenneth Fields, Ph.D.

Professor. CEMC, China Electronic Music Center. China's Central
Conservatory of Music. Beijing, China. * http://

Assoc. Professor, Department of Digital Art and Design, Peking
University. Beijing, China. * http://

Asia Pacific Regional Editor Organised Sound. Cambridge Univ Press. UK.

Board of Directors. Electronic Music Association of China (EMAC).

Director Zhonghaus, China Digital Arts Collective: http://

Graduated with Doctorate in Media Arts from the Interdisciplinary
Ph.D. Program at the University of California at Santa Barbara in
2000. Post doctorate studies at Tsinghua University 2001. Co-
Director of the Planetary Collegium's Consciousness Reframed 2004
Conference in Beijing. Organizer: Beijing Musicacoustic Festival
(2005-6): New compositions
played at the China Contemporary Music Festival at China's Central
Conservatory of Music (2004). Sound installation at the China
Millennium Monument (2004), Sounding Beijing Festival (2003), Academy
of Media Arts in Koln (2002). Current interests: China digital arts,
urban soundscapes and ontology design.

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