Oksana Chepelyk

�Free Dimensions: focus on cultural transformations�

May 19, 2004, 12:00 am   » 

Oksana Chepelyk /Kiev, Ukraine/ artist, filmmaker, curator, senior researcher of the Institute for Contemporary Art in Kiev, currently a Fulbright researcher at UCLA, working with performance, photography, video installation, new media and film, researching the physical endurance degree of social body. Oksana studied at the State Institute of Art in Kiev, which was followed by a post-graduate course in Moscow. She then studied at the CIES in Paris and at Amsterdam University. As an artist she was awarded grants in France, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada and England (1992-2003). From 1993 she organized thirteen solo exhibitions in Europe and America, and participated in a number of joint exhibitions (Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, USA, Sweden, Croatia, Brazil, Austria, Macedonia). She has also attended various festivals focusing on film, video and new media. She is dealing with the research of the interrelation of the real, social and virtual spaces regarding to social and esthetical global projects. She is interested in esthetical artistic position open to the co-experience of complexity of the world, focusing on cultural transformations. This process is closely connected with massive effects on human interaction and communication. She is looking for the answer on the questions “Is art can be perceived as a cultural text through which the economical and social can be read?” - in adequate metaphoric expression associated with the paradigms of our nowadays society, organized around the informational networks.

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