• Xin Xin Solo Show Labor in a Single Shot @ Margie E. West Gallery, Lamar Dodd School of Art

    A factory worker re-enacting keyboard assembly. A game character performing the extraction of personal data. A music video singing the songs of technological redlining. A nonsensical virtual archive of Foxconn. Xin Xin presents a new installation "Labor in a Single Shot.", a collection of material and immaterial labor in the tech industry.  The exhibition pays tribute to "Labor in a Single Shot", a group project initiated by Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki.

    Xin Xin is an interdisciplinary artist and educator working at the intersection of technology, labor, and identity. Xin co-founded voidLab, a LA-based intersectional feminist collective dedicated to women, trans, and queer folks. They initiated the School of Otherness which seeks to empower marginalized communities through storytelling, forums, and workshops that process experiences of the other. Their work has been exhibited at Ars Electronica, the Hammer Museum, Gene Siskel Film Center, Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Machine Project. Xin received their MFA from UCLA Design Media Arts and teaches at the University of Georgia as the Assistant Professor of Media Design and Women’s Studies.

    October 12 - November 9, 2018
    Margie E. West Gallery, Lamar Dodd School of Art
    270 River Rd, Athens, GA 30602

  • LAUREN McCARTHY Wins 360 Journalism Challenge Award

    Lauren McCarthy has been awarded a 360 Journalism Challenge Grant from Google News Initiative, Knight Foundation, and Online Association to develop "Home with our Stories" in collaboration with DMA Alum David Leonard. The project will explore the question, "What happens when our smart homes start reporting new stories about us?" They will create a series of short films using the smart home as a remote reporting tool, offering an alternative, immersive relationship between journalist and interviewee based on intimacy and care, while questioning the implications of bringing monitoring and automation technologies into the home.

  • FLOAT (Kate Parsons and Ben Vance) Win Google ARCore Competition

    FLOAT was a winner of Google ARCore and Indiecade's Augmented Reality Competition and Jam, held September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles. The winning piece featured escape room mechanics and explored the themes of Dark Media and surveillance.

  • REBECA MENDEZ work in West of Modernism: California Graphic Design, 1975–1995

    West of Modernism: California Graphic Design, 1975–1995
    Ahmanson Building, Level 2
    September 30, 2018–April 21, 2019

    The late 20th century was a transformational period for graphic design. Questioning the increasingly rigid rules of modernism, designers pressed for greater autonomy in their work. At the same time, dizzying advances in technology upended existing design and production processes. Far from the established New York design world, California became a haven for avant-garde designers, a hub of innovation in both discourse and practice.

    This exhibition is part of LACMA’s Graphic Design Initiative, an interdepartmental project spearheaded by the Decorative Arts and Design and the Prints and Drawings departments. The initiative was established in 2014 with the goals of systematically building a graphic design collection, organizing exhibitions and programs around the subject, and integrating graphic design into larger narratives of international art and design history. Drawn entirely from the acquisitions made since 2014, this installation explores how the intense ideological debates and technological changes were manifest in posters and publications. It features the work of many influential designers including Emigre, Inc., Ed Fella, April Greiman, Rebeca Méndez, Deborah Sussman, and Lorraine Wild.

  • GARETH WALSH autonomous kinetic sculpture ‘Ouroboros’ @ the La Jolla Historical Society

    If your in or around San Diego this Friday, or feel like traveling down, in a giant traffic snake from LA, please come and checkout my latest autonomous kinetic sculpture ‘Ouroboros’ @ the La Jolla Historical Society
    Exhibition: San Diego - The Architecture of Four Ecologies
    Curated by Rebecca Webb
    Friday September 21st 2018, 5 - 7pm
    Exhibition continues through January 20th 2019
    Free Admission

  • For the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s centennial, REFIK ANADOL, is using the past to project the concert hall into the future.

    LOS ANGELES — Can a concert hall dream? The Los Angeles Philharmonic has a lot riding on the answer.

    On Sept. 27, with big-ticket donors watching expectantly from a parking lot across the street, Refik Anadol, a Turkish-American artist, plans to transform the billowing steel superstructure of the orchestra’s Walt Disney Concert Hall into a swirling, phantasmagorical collage.

    The 12-minute performance will be fashioned from artifacts from the Philharmonic’s own history: millions of photographs, printed programs and audio and video recordings, each one digitized, microcrunched and algorithmically activated to play in abstract form across the building’s dynamic metal surface. If all goes according to plan, “WDCH Dreams,” as the production is known, will kick off the Philharmonic’s centennial season with the kind of brio that befits the company that Zachary Wolfe described last year in The New York Times as “the most important orchestra in America. Period.”

  • FLOAT (KATE PARSONS and Ben Vance) artist talk and walkthrough at LaunchLA for SHe

    An exhibition of artists informed by historical imagery explore what it means to portray the female persona through contemporary interpretation. FEATURING: Kim Tucker, J Michael Walker, Douglas Tausik Ryder, Andrea Patrie, Deborah Martin, Cima Rahmankhah, Sara Alavikia, FLOAT (Kate Parsons and Ben Vance), Kristine Schomaker, Annelie Mckenzie, Phung Huynh.

    FLOAT's Augmented Reality work "Still Unravished Bride" pulls from the writings of the late Jungian Psychoanalyst Marion Woodman's writings on the struggle for perfection.

    Curated by Elizabeth Tinglof.

    September 29th

    170 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Lectures in Amsterdam

    Erkki Huhtamo Lectures in Amsterdam

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo has been invited by the EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam, to give a Research Group Lecture. The lecture is titled "On Media Archaeology: The Brown-Urban-Joy Spirograph as a case study." It will be held at the EYE Collection Centre, Cinema 5, on Friday September 14, at 3pm - 5:30pm. In conjunction with the lecture, Huhtamo will be consulting the museum's film apparatuses collection.

  • DAHN GIM (Camella) is in ground show at Steve Turner Gallery, "Inside Out"

    September 8 – October 20, 2018

    Opening reception: Saturday, September 8, 7-9 pm
    @ Steve Turner Gallery


  • *Whew Chile The Ghetto! - RAKEEM CUNNINGHAM & Ramon Espinosa

    We are pleased to announce the first two-person show by Los Angeles-based artists Rakeem Cunningham and Ramon Espinosa. New photographic works and installation by Rakeem Cunningham and mixed media works on paper by Ramon Espinosa are going to be exhibited in TAG Gallery’s loft space.

    Rakeem Cunningham was given the loft space for two weeks for an open plan project, without any restrictions from the gallery board. He then invited Ramon Espinosa to plan a project with him. The result is a show that is a direct reaction to how people view art, and how people interact with bodies within this space, specifically with queer non-white bodies. Cunningham will be showing odalisque type of self-portraitures that relate to queer Black experiences while Espinosa will be showing works on paper that demand interpretation while mirroring his own struggle with the questions of interpretation.

    The video clip of Nene Leakes walking through the streets of Atlanta while saying “Whew chile! The ghetto!” has been meme-ified, and has become a collective sentiment and standard meme response of younger generation of POCs. The exhibition adopted Leakes’ reaction to Atlanta’s ghetto to convey the frustration of being queer POC in the Art/art world – the ghettoization of queer black and brown bodies in these institutions, and the rest of the world.

    Rakeem Cunningham studied at UCLA for Design and Media Arts and has shown in Castelli Art Space, The South Bay LGBT Center, and The Los Angeles LGBT Center in Los Angeles, California, and in Littman and White Galleries in Portland, Oregon. Ramon Espinosa has participated in group shows in the Pete and Susan Barrett Gallery in Santa Monica, LA Art Share in Los Angeles, and in Trunk Gallery in Venice, California.

    September 18 - 30, 2018 Opening Reception:
    Thurs, Sept 20, 2018 (7pm-10pm)
    Rakeem Cunningham & Ramon Espinosa

  • VICTORIA VESNA and NOISE AQUARIUM in Ars Electronica’s Deep Space 8K

    Current scientific studies have shown with shocking examples that noise sources such as sonar and fracking are extremely harmful to large marine life. Noise also affects microscopic organisms such as plankton, as Victoria Vesna and her collaborators show in their interactive installation in Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Festival 2018.

    September 6 - 10
    Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
    Ars-Electronica-Straße 1, 4040 Linz

  • JENNIFER STEINKAMP talks about her video at the Clark Art Institute

    The Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Steinkamp’s Blind Eye, 1, 2018, a roughly three-minute-long animated loop, depicts a life-size grove of birch trees cycling through the seasons, their ocular scars delivering an uncanny, plural gaze. The video is included in a survey of the artist’s work at the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts, titled “Blind Eye,” which comprises the first video installations shown at the museum and is on view through October 8, 2018. Here, Steinkamp talks about inspirations for “Blind Eye,” the limitations of vision, and learning to decide.

  • UCLA’s Arcade Backpack to be featured at London art and design museum

    The UCLA Game Lab, led by professor of design media arts Eddo Stern, is known for its experimental research and creative projects; its dynamic public engagement initiatives like the Game Art Festival at the Hammer Museum; and its inclusive, collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

    This summer, the Game Lab is sending its signature Arcade Backpack — loaded with four games created in the lab by UCLA students, alumni, faculty and artists-in-residence — to London for an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. “Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt” opens Sept. 8.

    In this excerpted Q&A Stern talked about the exhibition, why a research center should engage the world beyond the university, and the advantages of the “lab” model over the “studio” model for creative practice.

  • KATE PARSONS teaching at Pepperdine University

    I am a Visiting Professor in Fine Arts and Communications Studies at Pepperdine University this year.


    Big shout out to Corley Miller at Artillery Magazine for the wonderful write-up of the Vibrant Matter show.

    So thankful to be featured alongside my friend and fellow DMA Alum Joteva Elí in the article!

    It was an honor to be showing with such great artists: Jonathan Moore, Maru Garcia, Kristin Nicole McWharter, Paul Esposito, Sam Congdon, Victoria Vesna, Richelle Gribble, Kuan-ju Wu, Amanda Stojanov, David Del Francia, Tara Dilougherry, Ben Vance, Kate Parsons.

    “Vibrant Matter,” August 4 – 31, 2018, at the Beacon Arts Building, 808 N. La Brea Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90302.

  • GABRIEL DUNNE in group exhibition META FLUX of Preset Futures

    META FLUX of Preset Futures

    Nicole Aptekar
    Harvey Moon
    Ryan Alexander
    Gabriel Dunne

    Saturday, September 22nd 2018, 4–8p

    1410 62nd St #1552, Emeryville, CA 94608
    (second floor, use the call box to buzz in)

    meta (a) pertaining to or noting an abstract, high-level analysis or commentary, especially one that consciously references something of its own type.

    flux (n) continuous change, passage, or movement

    Framing understanding through routines and systems, Metaflux is a body of procedure-oriented artworks and, experiments based on system-focused approaches and integrations. The processes examined by the artists featured in Metaflux are intrinsic to navigating shifts and changes by establishing routines and frameworks. The artifacts of these personal frameworks, as well as the frameworks themselves, represent the efforts to create reliable variables and constructs in a life defined by constant transition and flux.

    Public opening on Saturday, September 22nd from 4–8pm. Gallery hours will be available by appointment through October.

  • WILLEM HENRI LUCAS completes new book MAARTEN PLOEG - PLOEG + WERK and gives talk

    After 4 years the book on Dutch artist and musician Maarten Ploeg, who rose to fame in the late 80's and passed away in 2004 is finally about to be published.

    Compiled and designed by Willem Henri Lucas, who also is the Editor in Chief for this 480 page book that documents his music, his paintings and his early video art.
    On September 13 Lucas will lecture on "the making of PLOEG + WERK" at the Printhouse Lenoirschuring.

    the making of PLOEG + WERK
    Lenoirschuring printers
    Back-Upstraat 12, 1033 NX Amsterdam
    7:30 pm

  • ERKKI HUHTAMO Lectures on Magic Lanterns in Tokyo

    Professor Erkki Huhtamo will give a public lecture on the history of the magic lantern in Tokyo to celebrate the opening of the exhibition "The Magic Lantern: A Short History of Light and Shadow" at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP Museum) in Ebisu. He has also written one of the catalogue essays, available in English and Japanese.

    Professor Huhtamo's lecture will take place on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 4-5:30pm. The lecture will be in English with Japanese translation.
    The exhibition will be open between August 14 - October, 14, 2018. For more, see:

  • LAUREN McCARTHY artist in residence at Metal Liverpool

    Lauren McCarthy artist in residence at Metal Liverpool

    In Liverpool, Metal works out of Edge Hill Station, the world’s oldest active passenger railway station. The original 1836 Engine House, Boiler Room and Accumulator Tower now serve as a cultural and creative hub for artists, the neighbourhood and Merseyside, carrying on the building’s proud history of innovation, aspiration and technology. Metal curates an exciting programme of international and UK artists in residence, host week-long, residential talent development labs for artists from mixed disciplines and run a wide range of events, exhibitions and participatory projects that connect artists to audiences and audiences to artists. Lauren will lead a week long series of activities that investigate the future of family and artificial vs ancestral intelligence.

    September 17–22, 2018

    Metal at Edge Hill Station
    Tunnel Road
    Liverpool. L7 6ND

  • LAUREN McCARTHY participating in Seoul Mediacity Bienniale,

    Lauren McCarthy participating in Seoul Mediacity Bienniale,

    Entire; having no element left out, complete in degree. Artificial Intelligence becomes part of our lives. A.I speakers which are able to searching requested movies, don’t surprise me anymore and recommendation systems get smarter and smarter so that catch my whimsical preferences quicker than ever. As always we have, our lives are influenced by and influencing to the advanced technologies. As always we have, we hope this most radical technology, A.I, to benefit our lives, entirely on us. However, what we are experiencing now is slightly different from our expectations. Instead of sensing mind blowing A.I moments in every single day, we are facing the unbalanced gender issue in tech centric communities, we realize lack of minority groups data and dependency on training data sets, and we ask more profound questions to ourselves such as who we are as human beings and what human creativity is. In Seoul Mediacity Biennale 2018, we would like reveal our questions, problems and issues came up to our minds in the age of A.I. Entirely beneficial state might be an ideal stand in real life. It can not be actualized under any circumstance, and it can not be achieved in any society. Our new normal, in the age of A.I, starts at the point of perceiving our lives will go with this incompleted, unstable, imperfect technologies.

    September 6–November 18, 2018

    Seoul Mediacity Biennale
    61 Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu
    Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA)
    04515 Seoul, South Korea

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