July 7 - July 19, 2019
Housing + Fees
Program Fees
We require students to enroll in the residential plan (for a virtual tour, click here) because of the intense daily schedule. By living together, students will:
• Live in university accommodations that will feature a dining hall and a fitness center.
• Have the opportunity to better get to know classmates.
• Spend more time working on final projects.
• Have breakfast and dinner each day in a UCLA dining hall, nationally recognized for their excellent cuisine. Students must purchase their own lunch each day on campus.
• Participate in optional evening or weekend activities.
Participants will be assigned roommates based on age and gender and will be notified of the roommate assignment during residential check-in. In order to better foster a learning community that exposes students to peers from all over the world, participants may not request a specific roommate.
Check-in will take place on July 7, 2019 outside of Sproul Hall. Students may be dropped off at Sproul Turn-Around or for longer unloading, you may use the Sunset Village Parking Structure for up to 30 minutes.
Students must check-out on the morning of July 19, 2019 prior to attending program activities at 9:00 am. A room will be reserved to store their luggage during program activities. When the final exhibition concludes at 12:00 pm, students may return to the residence halls to retrieve their luggage.
DMA Summer Institute includes the curricular component, hereinafter referred to as “required activities”, which allow participants to experience the academic rigor of UCLA, and a mandatory residential plan, which provides participants with an opportunity to experience college residential life. Required activities are listed in the Schedule section which include class time, portfolio night, extended lab night, and the final exhibition. Precollege Summer Institutes are intended for highly motivated, mature high school students.
Participants are considered to be maturing adults, capable of making their own decisions, as well as accepting the consequences for those decisions. As such, only limited supervision will be provided. While optional evening and weekend activities offered by the Office of Residential Life may be available at residential halls and curfews will be enforced, the whereabouts of each participant outside of the program’s required activities will not be monitored.
Participants may plan their time and travel on- or off-campus independently or choose to participate in evening or weekend programming activities offered by the Office of Residential Life when there are no required activities so long as they abide by the terms of the Participant Agreement.
Residential Supervision Staff
A highly skilled team of the Office of Residential Life staff, consisting of an Assistant Resident Director (ARD) and twenty Residential Assistants that have undergone an extensive background check and training, will be assigned to residential Precollege Summer Institutes, residing locally in the residence halls. Their duties include:
• Enforce evening curfews (11:00 PM) and perform morning roll calls
• Coordinate and facilitate optional ORL evening and weekend activities, which may include excursions to local attractions
• Respond to incidents and emergencies
Important Resources
To see more information about rules and regulations, medical responsibility and insurance, student conduct, and sexual violence prevention and response, please visit the UCLA Summer Session website.